Ogitor SceneBuilder

- the Plug-In based WYSIWYG editor environment for OGRE
Table of Contents

Building Ogitor

Ogitor depends on the Qt Framework, OGRE, a few specific plugins that come bundled with OGRE, and Boost-regex.


  • Qt version 4.6 and up (dedicated Qt5 branch in development)
  • Ogre 1.9 'Ghadamon'
    • OctreeSceneManager Plugin
    • ParticleFX Plugin
    • DirectX9 Rendering System (if on Windows)
    • OpenGL Rendering System (if on non-Windows)
    • CGProgramManager Plugin
  • Boost
    • Regex
    • Filesystem

You need to install CMake, as it's used to configure the build system.

Version 2.8+ is recommended, but 2.6 will probably do if you are not targeting Qt5.

Click a link below for specific instructions for your OS.

Building Ogitor - Windows

Building Ogitor - Linux